Stand out from the crowd; how to get noticed as an interim professional

In a disrupted environment when a business is going through a period of transformation or change an interim executive is often crucial to ensure the process is a success. The need for Change and Transformation professionals is an ever growing trend, however, with fierce candidate competition within the market, it is crucial that your profile stands out from the crowd in order for you to secure your desired assignments.

Showcase your skills

Interim professionals are hired on a project by project basis because they possess a skill set that is so desperately required by an organisation. A successful candidate will be able to offer expertise and experience that is targeted and specific to the project at hand. Additionally, you will require management and leadership skills that mean you are able to direct change. But you will need to sell yourself, or rather your brand, for a business to take a chance on you. On your CV or LinkedIn profile make sure these skills are not only visible but glaringly obvious. Businesses don’t take you on because they feel you would be a long term fit; instead, you are a quick fix and are, more often that not, overqualified. Specialising in one particular skill area can also make you stand out as a pro and someone who can’t be overlooked.

Reputation is everything

Transformation andChange professionals are expected to be able to make an impact on a project from day one. You should be able to highlight your previous successful experiences, as after all results speak for themselves. Clients understand and appreciate that engaging an interim professional comes at a premium compared to their permanent counterparts; however, they will, of course, want to ensure they are getting the bang for their buck. A proven track record will reassure a business that you are able to genuinely add value to a project. Make sure you can provide case studies and figures of prior assignments and use these examples to prove your worth.

Know your network

Sometimes it isn’t what you know, it is who you know, or even who knows about you. Utilising your contacts off and online always works in your favour. However, word to the wise – try and avoid only reaching out whenever you hear of a role or are desperately searching. Of course, it is fine to throw your hat in the ring, but people don’t take to kindly to feeling used. Instead try to remain at the forefront of people’s minds be it by making an effort to engage in relevant online conversations, turning up and utilising industry events or even offering to speak on your area of expertise.

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