The benefits of an interim role

Considering a switch from a permanent role to a career as an interim professional but not quite sure if it is for you? We reached out to our interim network to find out the top three reasons why they opted for a career in contracting.

Take charge of  your time

Do you want to be able to set your own schedule and have the flexibility to control your work/life balance?  Being an interim executive is your chance to be your own boss and pick and choose which projects are for you, or even if you want a role.  A big benefit of contracting, highlighted by our network, was that they had the ability to work when they wanted, or rather needed to, but that they were still able to take time off to travel or for personal reasons when they didn’t. Not being locked down in a permanent contract gives you the freedom to manage your commitments in a way that works for you.

Make an impact

A lot of our candidates liked the feeling of adding value to a project from the get go and being able to leave a role feeling like they had truly achieved something. When a client is hiring on an interim basis, they are usually looking for unique skill sets or specific expertise that no one else in the business can offer them. This means that as an interim hire you have a true purpose within the company and as a result a lot of influence from day one.

Variety is key

Being an interim professional allows you the chance to work for and with a variety of different businesses and on projects that truly interest and excite you. This enables you to be able to add skills and experience to your CV, build up a strong portfolio of stellar clients and gain exposure to a whole range of situations – all at an accelerated rate than your permanent counterparts.

Interested in finding out more?

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